About Us

About us

The experience of master carpenter Andjelko Jakopčin, who opened his own craft back in the 1960s, together with strong persistence and desire for even greater quality and expansion of the product range of his son Vjekoslav Jakopčin, and now of grandson Filip Jakopčin, made it possible for the “Stolarija Jakopčin“  to be among the leading Croatian coffin manufacturers.

Day after day, we are committed in creating the highest quality products, which our customers recognize and reward with long-term cooperation. As original manufacturers, we make products from first-class materials. Thanks to traditional family business and giving particular attention to details we enjoy within the beauty of craftsmanship turning all clients’ wishes in reality.

Annually we manufacture thousands of coffins for the demanding Swiss, Italian, French and Belgian markets always aiming in providing highest standard of handcrafted products for all our customers.